Membership Information

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society is the ruling body for Scottish Country Dancing throughout the world. It is based in Edinburgh and its efforts assure consistency in the description of the dances and figures, adoption of new dances, teaching, and music. This consistency allows a dancer to join the dance anywhere in the world with confidence and ease.

Benefits of Membership:

  • The RSCDS magazine, which is published twice a year in early September and mid-January.
  • Invitations to workshops and other educational opportunities.
  • Discount on online purchases made on the RSCDS web site
  • Access to the annual Summer School at St. Andrews.
  • Access to other RSCDS branches all over the world.
  • Access to RSCDS certified instructors.
  • Attendance to branch meetings and a vote in branch elections.
  • Listing in the directory of members.
  • Information and advice.

Dues for 2023-2024:

There are two components of the membership dues: One, a membership fee in the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) and the other, dues for the Branch where one dances.

RSCDS membership fee is $40 for individuals, $35 each for couples.  The membership fee is due in September.
(New members who start during the Winter session will pay $25 for the RSCDS membership fee for that portion of the season.)

One can pay the RSCDS membership fee and then a per-night fee each time one comes to class —

Per-class fee: $10

Sessional payments
The treasurer’s preferred form of payment (because there is less paperwork!) — and it is also a better deal for dancers.

Individual members
Fall session (September – December): $115  [$40 RSCDS fee, $75 Branch dues]
Winter session (January – May): $110 [all Branch dues]

Couples (per person)
Fall session (September – December): $110 [$35 RSCDS fee, $75 Branch dues]
Winter session (January – May): $110 [all Branch dues]

Where the money goes:

The RSCDS fee is paid annually (set by the RSCDS and collected by the Branch). The RSCDS uses this money to promote Scottish Country Dancing, research dances, publish materials and so on. Once one is a member of the RSCDS the doors of all the Society’s branches are open.

The Branch levies additional dues to pay for the rental of Mackenzie Hall, supplies for the refreshment break, postage, purchase of music CDs, purchase and maintenance of music equipment, and similar expenses.