Mackenzie Hall

MacKenzie Hall

Mackenzie Hall: 3277 Sandwich St. Windsor, Ontario N9C 1A9

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Windsor, ON. Branch is very fortunate to be able to dance in the beautiful auditorium of Mackenzie Hall. Situated at the corner of Sandwich and Brock streets in historic Sandwich Towne, Mackenzie Hall is one of Windsor’s most prized heritage sites, as well as one of its predominant arts and cultural centers.

Our general classes are held in the auditorium, which is located on the second floor. The basic class usually gathers in the dance studio on the first floor – depending on class size. The original main entrance seen in the picture is not in use anymore. Access to the building is from the parking lot (enter from Brock Street). Please find a map at the bottom of the page.

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Historic background of Mackenzie Hall: When the British withdrew from Detroit in 1796, they transferred the courts of the Western District to Sandwich (Windsor). An abandoned blockhouse, relocated from Chatham, served briefly as the court house and gaol until fire destroyed it in 1797. Its replacement, built soon afterwards, was burned by American soldiers during the War of 1812. A brick court house and gaol, completed by 1820, served until 1856 when the present building was constructed. Designed in the Renaissance Revival style by Albert H. Jordan of Detroit, it was built by stonemason Alexander Mackenzie, who later became Canada’s second prime minister. It housed the Essex County courts until 1963. Renamed Mackenzie Hall, the restored building opened in 1985 as a community and arts center. (Source: Ontario Heritage Foundation, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Recreation.)

Bedford Church

Bedford United Church

Bedford United Church: 3340 Sandwich St. Windsor, Ontario N9C 1A9

For some events, such as our end-of-season Potluck Dinner and Dance, we are very blessed to be able to dance in this welcoming church, which is only half a block away from Makenzie Hall! Plenty of parking is found in the back. The wood floor in the gym, which is very much appreciated in dancing circles, and the attached kitchen for easy access to water makes this location ideal for us. Please find a map at the bottom of the page.

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Historic background of Bedford United Church: The Methodists of Sandwich built this red brick church, their second, in 1906. It became a United Church in 1925. The church is in the Gothic Revival style with a Romanesque style tower. Interesting features include the rough-sawn board door, lancet windows, and s-shaped brackets. The rear hall was constructed in 1949. (Source: Doors Open Windsor.)