RSCDS Headquarters in Scotland.
The Society was established in 1923 by its co-founders to protect and promote the standards of Scottish country dancing.

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RSCDS in the USA

RSCDS affiliated groups

Scottish Country Dancing related sites

  • Teachers’ Association Canada, affiliated with the RSCDS.
  • Grand Chain is a Scottish dance resource site based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • The Intercity Scot Online offers information about other SCD events in North America.
  • The Strathspey Server.Operated from Germany, the site offers a wealth of Scottish country dance and music resources. Includes discussion board.
  • SCD WebRing. This web page indexes a selection of SCD related sites.
  • Minicrib, a website that offers a wealth of dance briefs on dances old and new. Don’t remember how a dance works? You’ll find the answer here!
  • JC’s ABC Tune Finder. This page helps you find and remember tunes. (No recordings, just midi files!)

SCD music sites