The Terry Murphy Memorial Library

Terry loved Scottish Country Dancing from the very first. In fact within three weeks she knew she wanted to be a teacher. Hmmmmm! Terry so enjoyed the company and friendship of the Windsor Branch that she left all her dance books to you for your enjoyment. Here they are.

RSCDS dance books RSCDS dance books
Non-RSCDS dance books
  Manuals and teaching aids
Other non-fiction books

RSCDS Books with music

Books 1-45
Five Trad for 65
Four Scottish Country Dances for 1978
Five Scottish Country Dances for 1982
Scottish Country Dances For Children
Book of Graded Scottish Country Dances
MacNab Scottish Dancers Vol 1
The Scotia Suite of Scottish Country Dances
Three Dances 2006
Four Dances 2008
MMM Vols 1-2
Complete set of Pocket Books
Incomplete set of Pocket Books Marked “White Cockade”
101 Scottish Country Dances compiled by Jean Milligan
99 More Scottish Country Dances compiled by Jean Milligan

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Non RSCDS Dance Books

Aberdeen Branch: An Aberdeen Collection, 75th Anniversary
Atlanta Branch: Gretchen’s Fancy
Birmingham Branch, SCDs 1973
Boehmer, Marie: Cameo Collection The Books 2-19
Boston Branch: Celebrate Fifty Years of Dancing
Bradley, Jenny: Nottingham Lace
Brandon, Mary S: Dances With A Difference
Brenchley, John: The Kangaroo Paw
Briscoe, Mel: The Slip Knot Collection
Campbell, Bob: Farewell, My Fancy
Campbell, Bob: Glasgow Assembly
Cape Town Branch: The South African SCD Book
Cape Town Branch: 11 More South African SCDs
Collins Pocket Reference: Scottish Country Dancing
Cosh: Fifteen SCDs
Cosh: Twenty-Two SCDs
Cosh: Glenshee Collection, Twenty SCDs
Dix, Ann: Reel Friends
Drewry, John: The Deeside Book of Dances Part 1
Drewry, John: The Deeside Book of Dances Part 2
Drewry, John: The Bankhead Book Part 1
Drewry, John: The Bankhead Book Part 2
Drewry, John: The Bankhead Book Part 3
Drewry, John: The Bankhead Book Part 4
Drewry, John: The Bankhead Book Part 5
Drewry, John: The Bankhead Book Part 6
Drewry, John: The Bon Accord Book
Drewry, John: The Rondel Book
Drewry, John: The Cherry Blossom Book
Drewry, John: The Brodie Book
Drewry, John: The Canadian Book of SCDs
Dunse and District Branch: The Dunse Book Of SCDs
Duthie, John: Eight SCDs
Forbes, Bill: Craigievar Book Of SCDs, The Books 1-4
Foss, Hugh: Belhaven
Foss, Hugh: The Waverley Fugues
Foss, Hugh: The Rose Collection
Glasgow Branch: Diamond Jubilee 1923-1983
Glasgow Branch: 75th Anniversary, A collection of Dances
Goldring: A Reel for Alice
Goldring: 10 Social Dances
Goldring: 24 Graded And Social Dances
Goldring: Graded And Social 2
Goldring: 14 Social Dances for 2000
Hall, Tom: Mainly Fours
Hall, Tom: 3s 4s & 5s
Hall, Tom: Jolly Mixtures
Hamilton Branch: A Golden Collection 1954-2004
Hay, Alec: Twenty SCDs Book One
Haynes, Derek: The Carnforth Collection Vols 1-5
Isle of Mann Leaflet: Mann and the Isles or The Millennium Rant
Isle of Skye Branch: The Skye Collection of SCDs
Johnstone, Muriel: The Blackadder Collection
Johnstone, Muriel: The Merse Collection
Keppie, Duncan and Maggie: A Dozen Dances Book 6
Kingston Branch: The Queens Visit
Kingston Branch: For Old Times’ Sake
Leeds Branch: Silver Jubilee Ten SCDs 1987
Leeds Branch: Ten SCDs Tenth Anniversary 1972
Leicester Branch: The Silver Collection 1977-2002
Levy Milton: The Tin Woodman
McMurty, Bob: The Devil’s Quandary
Motts, Judy: Macrame
Ness House Collection, The: Books 1-3
New Brunswick Collection of SCDs
Orange County Branch: The Plighted Troth
Petyt, Sue: Tartan Rainbow
Petyt, Sue: Dunblane Holiday
Pinewoods Collections: Vols 1,2,3
Priddy, Barry: Anniversary Tensome Ten SCDs
Priddy, Barry: Twelvesome Reel & Four More SCDs
San Francisco Branch: Let’s All Dance
San Francisco Branch: Lets All Dance Too
San Francisco Branch: Whisper of the Fyredragon
Sargent, Rob: The Ruthven Collection
Sargent, Rob: The New Ruthven Collection
Sargent, Rob: The New Ruthven Autumn Collection
Scottish Dance Archives: Vol 1-10, Compiled by Robert Donald
Skelton, Barry: The Dolphin Book, 11 SCDs
Skelton, Barry: Dances And Dreams, 14 SCDs
TAC: Brock Summer Celebration
Terry Glaspool: An Itch to Dance
Terry Glaspool: The Seven Year Itch
Twin Cities Branch: Blue Ribbon Collection of SCD’s
Vancouver Branch: Ruby Anniversary Collection 1964-2004
Wigan Branch: The Rose and Thistle Book Of SCD’s

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Books about Dancing & Teaching

Wont You Join The Dance by Jean Milligan
RSCDS Manual 1997
RSCDS Manual 2005
Scottish Country Dances for teaching Children, Teens and Young Adults
No Title (Hop Scotch?) but seems to be geared to teaching children by MacIntyre and Corson
A Complete Guide to SCD’ing by Allie Anderson TAC Reprint
Collins SCD’ing
TAC Notes 1986
Introducing SCD’ing by Jean Milligan
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General Books about the RSCDS and Dancing in Scotland

Scotland Through her Country Dances, Emmerson
The Scottish Country Dance (A History) Emmerson
A Social History of Scottish Dance Emmerson
Traditional Dancing in Scotland Flett & Flett
Strathspey Players Past and Present HoneymanReprint of 1922 edition
An Album For Mrs Stewart MacFadyen
The RSCDS Golden Jubilee 1923-73
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